Tbowowc 2.0 Training Course

1. ONLINE SELF-PACED: Learn at your speed.

2. QUALIFIED & ENGAGED INSTRUCTOR: Prophet, Pastor, with 12 years active-duty military training, 20 years experience in spiritual warfare, 13 years of public school teaching experience, and the author of “The Book of Warfare Strategies,” and “The Book of Warfare Weapons.”

3. PRACTICAL & RELEVANT APPLICATION: Real-world examples, case studies, testimonies, demonstrations, and “hands-on” mini assignments.

4. MULTIMODAL CONTENT: Lesson content is offered in various formats including video, audio, photos, infographics, and text.

5. FLEXIBILITY: Access the course platform anytime and from anywhere to fit your schedule.

6. HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT: Well-organized, up-to-date, and relevant course content, that is presented with clear learning objectives and outcomes.

7. INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS: Using videos, audio, animation, quizzes, simulation, “mini-challenges”, and “group challenges” to provide a holistic, interactive learning experience.

8. CLEAR COMMUNICATION: Providing clear & concise communication through organized content, group announcements, chat platforms, forums, and email.

9. MOBILE ACCESSIBILITY: A mobile-friendly training course with a responsive design to enhance accessibility, usability, and to increase the overall pleasure of participants taking our training course.

10. AFFORDABILITY: We offer high-quality, very relevant, easily accessible, highly flexible, experience-proven, Biblically-based, professional instruction at a very affordable price. Our prices are far below what others offer for similar training, seminars, workshops, and conferences on this level.

11. OVER 100 VIDEOS: This course have over 100 videos to really provide a high-level of training and development.

12. OVER 8 HOURS OF VIDEO: This course has over 8 hours of video on Advanced Spiritual Warfare teaching and training. Additionally, the course also has interactive lessons, points, rewards and advancement system, quizzes, individual challenges, course-tracking, group challenges, Live trainings, Live Q & A, and much more.

$47.00 USD